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Final Hearing

The court will, where there is a substantial dispute between the parents, list the matter for a final hearing which can be some four to six months ahead or much later, depending also on the availability of court hearing dates. This would typically be listed for one day or longer, depending on the issues involved.

If your case does reach a final hearing, the applicant explains the case to the court and sets out his or her arguments in support of the outcome wanted. Both parties then give evidence and have an opportunity to question what the other one says (cross examination).  The person responding to the application then finally sets out what they say about the case and the decision the court should make. The court will also ask questions.  Cross examination is an art with strict rules and if you have a highly contested case then legal representation can make all the difference.

The court will then make its decision.

You cannot appeal a decision just because you think the court is wrong.  We can advise about appealing a decision but appeals in cases about children are very rare. Getting your case right from the start is, therefore, really important.

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