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Dispute Resolution Appointment

The court must list a Dispute Resolution Appointment (DRA) to follow the preparation of a Section 7 or other expert report if this is considered likely to be helpful in the interests of the child.

At the DRA the court will:

  1. Identify the key issue(s) (if any) to be determined and the extent to which those issues can be resolved or narrowed there and then;
  2. Consider whether the Court can make final Orders immediately;
  3. Try to resolve or narrow the issues;
  4. Identify the evidence to be heard on the issues which remain to be resolved at the final hearing;
  5. Give final case management “housekeeping” directions including:
  • Preparation of further evidence;
  • Preparation of a statement of facts/issues remaining to be determined;
  • Providing a timetable of witness evidence and / or skeleton arguments;
  • Sort out who is to provide the Court with all the papers paginated (Practice Direction 27A);
  • Listing the Final Hearing.

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